Hyundai iX35 2014

The ix35 is a mid-sized SUV, delivering a combination of city- and family-friendly packaging, just enough off-road ability, and traditional Hyundai value. This car has the 2.4-litre petrol engine that has about 15 per cent more power than the 2.0 petrol in most situations. This car would really suit anyone who wants a town run around that can also get them up the mountain roads for some skiing or hiking.

As for safety it has a 5 star rating due to its six airbags: two directly in front of the driver and front passenger; side airbags to protect the upper body of front occupants; and head-protecting curtain airbags covering front and rear side windows.

Electronic stability control, which can help control a skid, All Wheel Drive (AWD) and the thick tyres it is fitted with (Please see pictures). There is also s full-sized spare tyre. The suspension on the ix35 is relatively firm (for more stable cornering) but not so firm that it jars occupants over bumps.

The headlamps switch on automatically at night, cruise control and dual-zone air-conditioning allows different temperatures to be set for each side of the cabin.


Stone chip guard on the bonnet

Genuine Hyundai roof rack

Window rain guards

Rego: June 2021

WOF: March 2022

Hyundai iX35 2014-1.jpg